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YOU are the KEY to success!

Register your Key Tag, and then check in here each week to see if YOUR key tag is a prize winner. Each week, we'll give away random prizes to thank our AMBEST Cashiers & Managers for all the hard work YOU do.

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Make sure your key tag is registered to win!

Each week, we will post our weekly random cashier prize winners here, so check back often!

Log in to see if you're a winner, and to claim your prize.

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Why are we doing this?

There's a few reasons . . .

  1. We want to find as many ways as we can to thank you for all you do for your truck stop or service center and for AMBEST / AMBUCK$.

  2. We recognize that the success of the AMBUCK$ Rewards program relies on YOU.

  3. We want you to ask EVERY driver if they have an AMBUCK$ card and if they want to redeem points to buy in-store merchandise.

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